Strong Girl Moments

Last week I had a huge mailing to drop off at the post office.  There were 1400 letters stacked in huge trays that I had to carry from my car to the post office.   Because I like to be as efficient as possible I was carrying two trays at a time.  They were awkward and a bit heavy but my most pressing concern was that it was windy and I was worried my dress would fly up and share my bits with the postal workers!

As I was coming into the office for the last time the postal worker said to me “you need a man to carry those”.

Um, I’m good, thanks.

The fact is, I’m strong.  Pretty darn strong.  And I’m proud it.  Not just because I can do push ups or hold a plank for a long time, it’s that I can do functional things like move 50 pounds of medicine balls in one trip, help Brad move the couch from one room to another or unload bags of mulch or soil from the car to the backyard.

It’s these “strong girl moments”* that I love.   I like being able to use my body for a purpose.  And what I love even more about my strong girl moments is hearing about YOUR strong girl moments!strong

So here’s the deal.  Share a fitness breakthrough; how you ran a mile or 10, walked or hiked a ginormous hill.  How you couldn’t do a single push up or burpee and now you can bang them out in multiples of 20.  Whatever your strong girl moment, share.

If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, tweet me (@kelihonsberger) or tag me and use #stronggirlmoment  to share.  If you’re not a fan of social media, email me and tell me what your moment is.

The deadline is August 26th!  The last week of August I’ll start listing some of the achievements you all have accomplished.

IMPORTANT!!! No achievement is too small or too insignificant.  Remember, what you may think of as a small thing could be someone else’s big thing.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

*credit goes to one of my boot-campers for giving me the idea of strong girl moment!


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