Fact Finding

I play on a women’s soccer league and I’ve always been curious about how much running I do in a game.  (Humor me, I’m a runner and this is what we do).

So in yesterday’s game I asked the ref to let me keep my Vivofit on during the game.  Being mostly rubber I knew it wouldn’t hurt anyone if we smacked into each other on the field.  I got the “green light” and once the other team realized I was tracking for “research purposes” they were game.  So to speak.

I’m a midfielder so I run on offense and back to help on defense and last night we only had 10 players which means for 90 minutes we were on the field without a break.  Oy.

So I started the game already at 18,000 steps and change and when the game was over I was at 30,000 and change or about 4 1/2 miles on the field.  Running, sprinting, walking and moving.  Not bad for an evening.

Again, I’m still on the fence about the efficacy on personal activity trackers but I enjoy when I hit those high numbers, I won’t lie.

Here’s your workout for today!  Enjoy!  Day 17 Bodyweight Express Challenge Workout

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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