The June Challenge Starts Today!

Based on recommendations, suggestions, and pleadings I’ve put together a 30 Day Challenge that combines a daily Bodyweight Express Workout as well as tips on proper nutrition, healthy eating, shopping and food prep tips throughout the month.

Like this:

nutriton image day 1





All you need to be successful in this challenge is a few minutes a day, a great attitude, and the desire to make positive changes! Let’s have a great month!

To keep track of your workouts feel free to print out my Workout Tracking Log.  Every time you complete a workout, check off the day.  Those x’s or check marks will start to add up and provide you some well-deserved motivation.

So are you ready?  Let’s go!

Click here for your Day 1 Bodyweight Express Challenge Workout !

Oh, one more thing, this information will be posted daily on my site and on Facebook.  To get the workouts delivered to your in-box daily, you can sign up (it’s somewhere on the right side of my page).

And PLEASE feel free to share this information with your friends!  The more the merrier!!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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