Decisions, decisions, decisions…

We make a lot of food or health-related decisions each day.  Eggs or oatmeal?  Half and half or milk?  3 miles or 5?  Sleep in or make it to boot-camp?

You can use willpower alone and gut it out or you can add another trick to your “health and wellness toolbox”.

Before making a decision to eat, drink, do or not do something ask yourself this little question “Will this help me reach my goal?” Here’s how it works.

Say you’re at the store and you see the doughnuts.  They smell great and look divine.  But because your goal is to lose weight so you can fit in your bathing suit, you may not think that doughnut is taking you closer to your goal so you decline.

Late nights and early mornings cause you to drag so much that you feel you’re too tired to get up early for a run. If you are training for a race or trying to stay consistent with exercise you may find that you forgo that extra 30 minutes of sleep for your run.   So deciding to get up for that run will take you closer to your goal.  (Note – total exhaustion is a good reason to take a rest day, but you get the gist).

Your goal and your goal alone will determine the decisions you make.  And basing your decisions on whether it’s taking you closer to or farther away from your goal may be much easier for you than steely willpower alone.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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