Spring Fling

Back in the day.  Waaaay back in the day (pre kids, pre marriage) when I used to “go to the gym” I loved the Lifecycle.  I’d bring a magazine, my clear plastic magazine holder, my Walkman and grab a bike.
After adjusting the seat so I was 3 holes “high”, I’d hop on, take my workout towel, fold it over so I could rest my arms on the handlebars, pop on my headphones, turn on my cassette deck and start to pedal.  And I’d pedal at 1 speed for 30 minutes.  When done, I’d wipe my machine down, do a quick round through the weight machine and off I’d go.  3 days a week.
I did also take a Hip Hop class a few times a week when I thought I needed some new dance moves.  You can only imagine how good I was.  LOL
My, times have changed.  Intensity.  Focus.  Power.  Speed.  Strength.  Agility.  All of these components are wrapped into workouts today.  Cross Fit has introduced the concept of heavy lifting to the masses.  Tabata has taught us to work super, duper hard for 4 minutes.  Stadium workouts, indoor or outdoor boot camps bust our butts up and down stairs, across gym floors and over football fields.  Zumba, well, Zumba has shown us that it’s ok for us to move and dance, no matter what size or dance ability we posses.
Now, there are plenty of people who still go to the gym and hit the machines for their workouts and that’s ok.  My thinking is that whatever gets you off the couch and bathed in sweat is a good thing.  I am the kind of fitness geek that gets excited with new fitness trends and try to incorporate them in my classes.
I always joke that I wish I had trailer behind my truck so I could load it up with ropes, tires, Bosu’s, medicine balls, kettle bells, TRX straps and any other bit of equipment I could get my hands on.  Maybe even a mobile Hip Hop class.
Hey, you never know…
Now go run!
Keli 🙂



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