Happy Happy Joy Joy

My run was great today.  With that said, you all know that I “process” a lot while on my runs.  Sometimes I plot my day, figure out my schedule or do some planning.  Sometimes I “write” my blog in my head as I run along and sometimes I have arguments with people that I have issues with.  (Have I mentioned that I’m diametrically opposed to conflict?)

Today I got a bit annoyed during my run at various outside forces so I thought I’d share them.  Because we all put our cranky shorts on one leg at a time…

1.  If I’m able to squeak out a breathless “morning” as I’m climbing a hill, at least you can reply in kind.  Or nod, or give me the finger.  Some kind of acknowledgement that we are sharing space on the planet at this particular moment in time.

2. Our neighborhood has the least illuminating street lights, probably on earth.  Are real bulbs too expensive?  And while I’m speaking of street lamps, why so few?

3.  Stop signs are not a “suggestion”.

4.  Skunks should have a glowing white stripe.  For the second time in two weeks I was ambling along with a sudden realization it wasn’t a cat running next to me.

5.  If you drive, please stay in your lane.  The bike lane belongs to those of us not surrounded by a few tons of metal.

6.  Don’t let your dog  jump up at me.  Or chase me.  And I don’t care if “he’s friendly”.  Your pooch has caused me to stop running and I forgot to pause my Garmin.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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