Tip for the Week

Most kids are back in school or heading back in the next week or so.  Welcome to the hamster wheel of after-school activities, sports, etc.

A common reaction to our kids’ insane schedules is to drop everything that is important to us so we can cater to others’ needs.  And by “important” I mean your exercise program.

I know.  Your kids’ activities are important.  Your kids are important.  But not as important as a) your sanity and b) the size of your butt, I mean your health.

So when you are penciling in your kid’s activities, block out 4 days a week to take care of you.  Either first thing in the morning, your lunch break or when you drop off your little Messi or Hamm to soccer practice.  Do this for a few weeks and viola!  you have a habit.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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