Weekly Focus Point – Don’t Let Summer Mess You Up

Raise your hand if you’ve had or been to a BBQ since May 1?  Yep, that’s what I thought – summer has arrived!

While one would think that summer is ripe for healthy eating and exercising, it can flip the other way and become an eating and drinking fest with more sitting at the beach versus running on one.

So here’s a few tips to help you stay focused on your healthy eating and exercising as the temps rise.  By August you’ll be able to wear your tube top with pride!

Plan out your workouts for early in the day
I know I sound like a broken record but if you wait until the end of your day to workout you’ll either skip it because of the heat, you’ve had a long day at work or chasing kids around, or you get invited to do something fun like go to a movie or another BBQ.  As they say down south, get ‘er done .  Early.

We normally have a day or so before a BBQ, party or picnic so take a minute to think about what you want to eat and how to handle food pushers, trays of cupcakes and other temptations.  It’s always best to have a small snack before you go (a TB of peanut butter in a whole wheat tortilla  is my go-to) and stay away from the food table until you are ready to eat.   Don’t linger by the chips or dips because before you know it, you’ve gone through half of a bowl while chatting.

It’s always smart to fill your plate with the healthy stuff first, then hit some protein and then dessert if that’s your thing.  And remember, it is not your last meal.  You will eat again and I’ll bet you can have potato salad any damn time.  Be smart!

Try to go easy on the booze I am not a teetotaler but I have found that it’s easier to stay focused on healthy eating if I just say ‘No’ every now and then at a party.  Swapping wine with a glass of seltzer and a squeeze of lime or a splash of cranberry looks pretty in a wine glass and trust me, you won’t miss it.  And at a backyard BBQ you’re drinking out of red SOLO cups so no-one knows what you’re drinking anyway.

Reality Check – It’s just ONE mealSo you went to a BBQ with great intentions.  Maybe you drank too many margaritas (those margarita machines should be banned), or ate a slab of ribs, some corn, cornbread AND cake.  In the scheme of things, it’s one meal out of 31or 35 (most people have 21 meals and 10-14 snacks each week) so drink water for your headache, move a little and get back on track.

Hopefully these little tips will help you stay on track during the summer.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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