Don’t Let a Bad Day Blow Your Progress

We all have bexplosion_clip_art_23323ad days.  You may be on a great streak with eating well and exercising and then KAPOW!  something throws you off course and you dive headfirst into a box of See’s that you thought was hidden or you get sucked in to a Scandal marathon.

And after you’ve couch-potatoted through your workout or come out of the chocolate coma you will probably be mad at yourself and feel a bit of frustration and regret.  You might also start to run the loop in your brain that you don’t have willpower or are doomed to be overweight or unhealthy.

So I’m going to share with you something my now 14-year old used to say when she was 3.  Stop that right now!

Listen, we’ve all been there.  But let’s not allow a slip to turn into a full blown free-fall.

If your See’s debacle happened in the middle of the day, don’t starve yourself as punishment!  Make your next meal a normal, healthy one, drink your water and think of a few ways you can cope with ‘whatever’ in a way that doesn’t involve chocolate and caramel.

A missed workout?  Take a walk, do some crazy-energetic cleaning, throw a dance party for you and the kids or take 10 minutes for stretching or troll the internet for some yoga videos.

You can do this! Stay focused, determined and get back on the horse if you fall off!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂




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