And that, boys and girls, is how to set a goal!

I was having a quick chat this morning with a gal who attends my 5:30am boot-camp class to follow up on an email she sent me.  In the email she complimented a workout I had given (and who doesn’t love to hear that?), shared that she was able to do a full set of pushups without being on her knees (that is, in my opinion, a HUGE deal) and told me that she had set a personal goal of coming to a certain number of boot-camp classes and had just surpassed 18 straight classes.

Now this is goal setting at its finest!

Many people set vague goals; they want to “get healthy”, “eat better”, “lose some weight”, “eat more fruits and veggies”, “eat less junk food”.  Do you see a trend?  These goals, while good in theory, are vague, without specifics and without a concrete time line.

I think the best goals are ones where you decide this is what you are going to do (ie:  come to x number of classes in a row, run 4 days a week, or eat 7 servings of fruits and veggies each day) and then do it.

It takes away any waffling or indecision.

  • You don’t think about whether you are going to class, you are going to class because you set a goal.
  • You eat a salad instead of the fries because your goal is to eat that darned produce.
  • You run Tue, Thur, Sat and Sun because those are the days you set as your goal.

You.  Just.  Do. It.

So when you want to set a goal,  make it specific. Make it non-negotiable.  Then.  Do.  It.

Let me know if you need help staying accountable or need that extra kick in the tail!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

PS: To my goal-setting boot-camp pal, way to go!  I’m proud of your accomplishment so far!


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