Snack Chat

Today I’m going to share some of my “snack management” tips.  I have a husband and kids who enjoy chips, crackers, treats and snacks but it’s not something I want to eat on a daily basis.

And since I can’t just clear the house of these snacks (there was talk of a mutiny against me at one point) I developed some strategies that would allow me to have these snacks in the house for the family and not fall face-first into them at times of stress, fatigue or when I walk in the door after a long day and am ravenous.

1.  Clear the Decks

Move all chips, cookies, snacks and treats off of your kitchen counter and replace it with a bowl of oranges, apples or bananas.  Sounds too simple to work but it’s a remarkably effective tool.

2.  Make it a Hassle

In my house I have corralled all of the snacks into 2 plastic bins which I have placed in the top cupboard above my refrigerator.  I’m just under 5’5″ tall so for me to reach this top cupboard is a stretch.  In fact, I have to grab a pair of  long tongs to grab a bin or I have to pull over a chair to stand on.  Either way, it’s a hassle.  Grabbing a piece of fruit off the counter is much easier.

3.  Out of Sight, Out of Mind

When I do buy treats for myself I enjoy a few (or more, sometimes you know how that goes) and then I wrap the bag up with a rubber band, open that high cupboard above the refrigerator and then I chuck the package to the back of the cupboard.  When I don’t see the bag of Circus Cookies,  I don’t think about them.  And when I don’t think about them I don’t want them.  This is one of the most effective strategies I have in my arsenal.  It really works!

Now, some of you may just say that I should eliminate these items from the house completely because they are not healthy foods.  My philosophy on that is that I don’t want to  ‘demonize’ any foods for myself and for my kids.  That goes for fast food, Girl Scout Cookies or cake.  As long as you have enough healthy things in your diet, treats, snacks and yes, even McDonald’s is ok.  In moderation.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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