Running Gear I Just Love

Here’s a list of my favorite running stuff and the stores (both online and brick & mortar) where you can buy it!


My favorite, favorite, favorite running shorts are the Brooks Versatile 5″ short.  They are roomy enough to run or teach Boot-Camp and the inner lining stays put and doesn’t ride up my tush.  They also come is bright, fun colors.   They run about $32 a pair and you can buy them online at

I also love my Asics Core Pocketed 5″ short.  These sit just below the belly button and are nice and roomy.  Again, great for running or teaching Boot-Camp.  These run about $30 a pair at

Long Pants

Since I never exercise in long pants.  I mean NEVER – I have no idea what is a good pair but I do see my Boot-Campers in Nike a lot. So that’s as good a recommendation as any.

Short Sleeve/Long Sleeve Technical Shirts

You can spend a lot of money on technical shirts but I’ve found some places that offer good quality pieces at reasonable prices.   I like Sports Authority, and www.Brooks    Brooks has a Run Happy line of shirts that are lightweight enough to comfortably layer.


The best shoe is the one that fits YOUR foot.  I usually get fitted at a local running store (in my neck of the woods Arch Rival is my go-to) and buy my first pair at the store.  For the next 2 or 3 pairs I hit where they sell the shoes at a slight discount and if you are a VIP, you get special perks such as free shipping or additional discounts.  When the new model of my favorite shoe comes out I head back to the store for another fitting and a new shoe and the cycle starts over.


I like visors and have some from Nike and Run U Mother.  Since I have shortish hair that  I jam into a ponytail so I need good headbands to keep the stray hairs in check.  I love my thick, colorful headbands from Lululemon or for sparkle and sass, the ones from  Sweaty Bands.  In the winter I wear a great knit hat from Under Armour and if I can’t find that I’ll toss on a little beanie I picked up at Old Navy last year and to keep my hands warmish I buy Target polyester gloves (2 pair for $2.50).

I run in the dark hours of early morning so I carry a headlamp so I don’t step in a pot hole and can be seen by cars and cyclists.  The best deal Ive found is at Costco – a 3-pack of lights for $9.99.

So there’s my list of running gear and accessories!   Let me know where you shop and what deals you find and I’ll be happy to post them.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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