As the Sun Rises

happy-sunshineI like to head out on my Tuesday and Thursday morning runs about 20-30 minutes before the sun rises.  It’s dark when I get outside and when I’m up and over the hill and crossing the main road the sky is starting to turn lighter at the horizon and I can see the slight hint of sun starting to rise.

By the time I finish my 4.2 mile loop the sun is up the world is coming alive.  Older kids are standing at the corners waiting for a bus or a ride to take them to high school.  Moms are power walking with friends or strolling around a fussy baby.  Dogs are being walked (or pushed in strollers but don’t get me started on those Pomeranians) and the day has officially begun.

I get to welcome the dawn of a new day and I love it.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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