Happy Summer!

Ok – not ‘technically’ summer if you go by that calendar thing – but as far as white shoes and bathing suits go; close enough.

If you had putt off your fitness or healthy eating plan you are no doubt regretting your lack of planning.  But this  doesn’t mean you have to throw in the beach towel and skip out on pool parties and beach trips.

If you do one thing for your health this summer follow this one simple tip.

Dress for an active lifestyle.

That’s it and here’s why – if you dress for an active lifestyle, an active lifestyle you’ll have.  It’s really that simple.

So your first step is to go out and buy yourself some active-wear (and for god’s sake – no coffee pants)!

Find some comfortable hiking shorts in a lightweight material to play with the kids, waters shorts or longer board shorts for the beach, comfortable bathing suits that cover and allow you to swim and frolic in the pool, lake or ocean.  Buy comfortable and cute shoes for walking and be sure to pack a ton of waterproof sunscreen.

Wearing clothes designed for movement will make it easier for impromptu soccer games, long walks after dinner, bike rides with the kids or a water fight in the backyard.

Remember, life is for the living, not the sitting.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂





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