30 Day Yoga Challenge

Wow, I’m VERY late in reporting the results for this challenge!  As much as it pains me to admit – I did not quite make it through the full 30 days.  In truth I managed to do about 20 days.   Some days I would tell myself I’d do it later and then I would forget.  Often times I’d go for my run or do Boot Camp and then have full intention of doing yoga afterwards but would come home, get caught up in whatever and hit the shower getting ready to start my day before realizing I didn’t do my poses.

I have to say that even without completing the challenge – I enjoyed my yoga sessions.  It was kind of calming and even with the 1000th millimeter improvement of flexibility I felt better.  I especially enjoyed the hip openers, any and all poses that included the lower body and will definitely continue to incorporate those and the corpse pose a few times a week.

Aside from the actual poses, I very much enjoy the message that yoga delivers.  It’s all inclusive and respectful of where your mind and your body is at this particular moment.   Some teachers were flowy with fluffy hand movements while others were no nonsense and got down to brass-tax.  Those (not surprisingly) were my favorite.  I’m neither flowy nor graceful and to picture my hands floating like a bird’s wings to the ground was too much for this yogi-in-training.   While not all classes were my cup of green tea – that’s ok, I had fun.

So my 30 Day Yoga Challenge, while not numerically a success, was done with pure of heart and mind.  Namaste.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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