Declare YOUR Independence!

Today we celebrate our nation’s independence from the tyranny of a foreign country.  (My British family members call our fight for independence “the rebellion” so it’s fair to say that there are always two sides to every story)!

But, back to my point – today we celebrate our nation’s independence and while we’re all red, white and blue about it isn’t it time to declare YOUR independence?  Isn’t it time for YOUR rebellion? Isn’t it time for YOU?  You may think it’s selfish to take time away from family or work to go for a run, that there is some kind of badge of honor for sacrificing yourself so your kids don’t face a minute of alone time or you work like a dog for 14 hours a day.  Here’s a newsflash – if you are not a healthy human being, you are not doing any good.  To anyone.

So get out of your martyrdom (you don’t have time to exercise because your precious Johnny has piano or you have a report due) and let it be about you – even if it’s only 45 minutes a day let your health come first.

You know, if some raggedy colonial soldiers can defeat the British Redcoat machine in the late 1700’s – you can surely pull yourself up by your bootstraps (or strap on those hideous platypus toe shoes some people are wearing) and get to moving!

So here’s to Independence!  Happy 4th!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂




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