Meandering and musing

I love running with friends.  It guarantees I’ll  get the miles done.  Sadly, I can’t always find a willing partner for my dark o’clock weekly morning runs so I usually head out solo.  Boo hoo, right?

Well, don’t cry for me Argentina because I’ve figured out the key to the Universe.  That’s right – running alone allows me to plot, plan and peruse.  I can plan the meals for the week, solve a sticky situation with a family member and devise a wicked marketing plan for the non-profit where I work.   And that’s just from my Tuesday run.

So the next time you are running alone, let your mind wander and see what you can solve, ponder and pundit upon.  I promise when you come back from your run you too will be the master of your Universe.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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