F is for Flexibility

On your fitness journey you need to be flexible, not only with your body but with your mind.  Your approach.  Your outlook.  Listen, we’ve all had days (or weeks for that matter) when our good intentions become wishful thinking.   Making a plan to stick to healthy eating or taking time to exercise can be derailed by an emotional crisis, a business trip, illness or a too-tight schedule.

The key to dealing with the above crisis-es (spell check anyone?) and to prevent that too-tight schedule to become a too-tight skirt you have got to learn to bob and weave your way around it and make sure you get the job done.  Yes, Virginia, you need to be flexible.

If you have meetings upon meetings and expect your evening workout to be  nonexistent, get up a bit earlier and move in your living room for 20 minutes.  Dance around while watching the news or plug in your iPod and dance to your own tunes. One day of a mini workout won’t derail your fitness.   Be sure to pack some healthy snacks for your meeting breaks.  Nothing makes you feel worse than skipping a workout and picking at crullers all day in the meeting room.

Sick?  Run down?  Dealing with family members who are sick or run down?  Call it a mental health day and take a moment to care for yourself.  Our bodies are designed for movement but they also need downtime and rest.  If you are not feeling well, take it easy.  If you are taking care of others, it’s ok to lighten up  the load without any guilt.   You’ll feel better after a day of rest and be able to come back even stronger.

Being flexible ultimately means you are in control of your health and fitness destiny.  Don’t let circumstances or people block your progress.  Be flexible in your approach and results will follow.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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