3 Ways To Improve Your Race

Putting on an endurance event is a great undertaking and I appreciate the effort and hard work it takes.   While not an expert, I have participated in enough races to be able to cobble together some helpful tips for race organizers.

Top 3 Ways to Improve a Race

1.  Provide some snacks before the race.   Many first-timers have not had practice in pre-race fueling and undereat before an event.  Providing half a bagel some OJ and coffee would not only be a great energy boost but will make your race stand out.

2. Repeat the Rules.  In the 3 triathlons I’ve competed in this summer my number one complaint is that many new participants don’t know basic safety and etiquette of swimming, riding and running.  Reviewing the rules while in the swim queue would be helpful.

3.  Have enough staff at check in.

Again, I appreciate all of the effort and volunteers it takes to put on a good race.  A few little tweaks can make a race even better!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


One thought on “3 Ways To Improve Your Race

  1. Kendra

    I have another tip for race organizers: always have double the amount of liquids they think is necessary at each and every water stop. I have seen too many races where they’ve run out of liquids when you really need them (say mile 6 of a Half) and later seen the ambulance have to go screaming by to take care of someone who overheated (not necessarily an issue of the organizers but something that might be prevented).


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