Hit the Trails!

Fall is a lovely time to hit the trails for a walk, hike or run!  The leaves are turning, the weather is cool, and the summer crowds have dwindled.    Walking, hiking, or running on trails require a bit more planning but it’s well worth the effort.

1.  Share where you’re going with a friend.  I make it a point not to go solo into the hills but if you are more daring than I be sure to let your family or a friend know where you are going, for how long and when you expect to be back.

2.  Bring water.  Even if your run or hike is only going to be for an hour or so it can be warmer or colder or more strenuous than you are used to requiring more hydration. Fill a CamelPak or bring a bottle of h2o along for the ride.

3.  Watch your footing.  A neat trick I learned was to look where you want to step, not what you want to avoid.  It helps keep you focused on the safe places to step.

4.  Ditch the watch.  Trail running or hiking is not like being on the streets, therefore, you most likely won’t be able to do a 6 mile run or hike in the same time frame.  Enjoy the scenery and let your goal time go.

5.  Bring a friend.  Not only for safety but it’s fun to introduce a pal to nature’s playground.  Encouraging them to try something new is being a good friend and it’s a great reminder that the love of hiking, walking or running trails should be shared!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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