Marathon Recap

It’s 2:05am as I write this.  You would think that after my long day yesterday that I would be sleeping like the dead but, alas I’m not!  I am happy to say that I finished the California International Marathon in 4:36.

The course itself is really nice, rolling hills for the first 13-15 miles and then you finish in front of the State Capital building.  Rolling hills, while pretty, are kind of brutal on the thighs and mine were feeling the effect.  I ran into some other issues along the race and suffice it to say spent a lot of time in the porta-potties between miles 12 and 18 or so.   Enough time that I saw my estimated finish time of 4:26 simply vanish!

The one thing that I learned yesterday is that without a doubt I am not a quitter.  And that ‘s a good thing to learn about oneself.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

3 thoughts on “Marathon Recap

  1. sarah irwin

    Hey Keli….congrats! I did not anticipate the hills either and was feeling it in the knees first and then in my quads. I also just didn’t have the drive. I was feeling fine physically but just so-so mentally. I think I was so pumped up the day before that my energy was all used up! Was doing fine up until mile 22 or so and then could barely keep my legs moving because of the quads. I wish I had known more about the hills! All of my long training runs were flat! I had a few 11-12 mile runs that were hilly but only one in the last 6 weeks or so. I think that was my down fall. Wouldn’t you know it was that time of the month, too, so I had to make a potty break, too (luckily only one but of course that shaved off a couple minutes). I was still feeling like I would finish in the 4:20-ish range until the end when the 4:30 group passed me and I couldn’t keep up with them! That was the worst part! But, I didn’t walk except through the aid stations. What kept me going was the fact that I would get to the end that much faster if I ran instead of walking. I must say I did NOT like that course. Probably the ugliest marathon ever. (I mean, Sacramento is not the prettiest city, really) The only nice bits were the 2 minutes through old town Fair Oaks and the last 5 or so miles through mid town. What do you think about the course? What about Lisa? I have to say I was very happy with the weather! And like you said…..we are NOT quitters! I forget how hard those last 6 miles really ARE since it’s been a while for me. Anyway, congrats to you and Lisa and go take a nap 🙂


  2. Keli Honsberger

    Congratulations on finishing Sarah! I was actually surprised that I liked the course – I don’t remember liking it last time. I did not remember that many hills the last time and was surprised at them – those rollers just kept coming and my quads are feeling it today! I trained on hills but not rolling hills and that was probably why I was and am more sore than normal.

    I started back with the 4:45 group with Lisa and then made my way past the 4:30s at mile 3 or 4 and then settled in. I did like the music and appreciated the crowds, the relay made for some big crowds at the transfer points and I enjoyed that. The turns around the blocks at the end of the race was frustrating because I didn’t know how much further and making those corners when my legs were tired was hard! And then someone yakked right in front of me. Nothing like almost getting puked on with a quarter mile to go. 🙂

    In a week I’ll be over my marathon malaise and ready to plan my next event. May try more 10K’s or some trail events to mix it up and then there’s a sprint tri that I’ll probably tackle in the early summer or fall. I’ll keep you posted on that!

    Thanks for being my virtual training buddy! Sorry I missed you at the race, I kept my eye out for you but there were more people than I expected.


  3. sarah irwin

    Hey! Yes, keep me posted on what you are up to. It is always fun to have a virtual training partner! I am definitely in the mood to stick with some 10k’s, 10 milers and half marathons at this point. The training is much easier but still gets me out of bed and I feel happier with myself at the end! Too bad I couldn’t hook up with you before, during, after the race. At the end I just wanted to find my peeps, eat something and get home. I am surprised that I haven’t felt too sore with the lack of stretching I did after! That sucks that someone yacked right in front of you. I almost felt like doing that after my last GU around mile 20-ish or so…. I had the guy groaning in front of me which didn’t help and the guy who was drinking from his bottle so haphazardly that he was spitting it everywhere! So glad it’s over. Did Lisa feel good about her run? Keep me posted on what you have coming up. I think my next will be a local super bowl run that is 10k with a relay. I want to bring the kids with me to do the relay. And then maybe the Shamrock half marathon in March. Hope Brad feels better soon and lets you get some rest 🙂


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