Taking Care of Business

I, like you am busy.  Busy with work, kids’ activities, keeping home and hearth on track as well as taking care of my family and myself.   With all that is going on, it’s difficult to keep things in order and not drop the ball (like forgetting to arrange a kids’ school pick up while out of town on a recent Monday).   Regardless of that slip up, I’m really organized and have a few tips to help keep your life and sanity in order.

1.  Write it all down.  Use a paper, online or digital calendar for your tasks, appointments, due dates, carpool schedules, etc.  I usually plan out my week on a Sunday and put it pen to paper.

2. Delegate smartly.  Know what you can easily delegate and what you should just do yourself.  In my house it’s not a good idea to delegate trips to the grocery store to my husband.  Love him dearly but he has a tendency to call me from the store asking if I want the lemon or orange dish detergent or if we should have the Safeway meatloaf for dinner.  It takes too much time and energy and I could have done it myself quicker.

3.  Exercise first thing in the morning.  When your to do list is long is the time to roll out of bed into your workout clothes.  Trust me, once your day is going and other tasks crowd in, your afternoon run will be pushed off the page.

4.  Find some pals to share the load.  Whether it’s a carpool situation, a group walk or you swap babysitting duties, use your friends as resources and be sure to return the favor.

5.  Let it go.  If your day is nuts and you can’t fold the laundry or unload the dishwasher or get the kids in the tub, c’est la vie.  Get over it and move on.   You’re still a superstar in my book!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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