Green Tea is Gross

There, I’ve said it.  I can’t stand the stuff.  I know it’s this uber-health, anti-oxidant superstar but I honestly just hate it.  I hate the expensive brands as much as I hate the cheap brands.  I hate it cold.  I hate it hot.  I hate it with lemon and I hate it sweetened with honey (super gross) and I even hate it as an ice cream.  I am sure if it came as a cake and had a pound of Safeway’s Crisco frosting slathered on top, I’d still hate it.

So my next step is to find another food item that has some similarly excellent health benefits and eat that instead of the green stuff.   No excuse me while I pour my glass of green ick into the sink.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

2 thoughts on “Green Tea is Gross

  1. sarah irwin

    supposedly, i have some red rooibos tea and it claims to be better than green tea as far as antioxidants! who knows, but the stuff tastes fine so i go for that (and it is naturally caffeine free!) i have tried one brand of super green tea that has fruit, etc., in it ( i think it is the good earth?) and it is not so bitter, although you still need to add a bit of sugar or honey. anyway, i agree with your opinion to an extent. don’t love the stuff. trader joe’s has a green tea supplement, but i’m not sure if it is as effective!!


  2. Keli Honsberger

    I like red roobios, it has a nice flavor to it as I recall. I’ll have to try that one. I think if it’s iced I have a better shot at drinking it. The funny thing is that I’m half British and should love tea. 🙂


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