Getting Everyone Back on Track!

Getting the kids back into their schedules is the first step to getting yourself back on track.    I’m sure your calendar is jam-packed with back to school nights,  pick up, drop off, juggling after care for the little angels and squeezing in some volunteer time on top of team sports practices, dance class, gymanstics and probably a part or full time job.   I know mine is!

I’ve been really excited for the kids going back to school for a reason other than silence in the house.  Getting them back into their schedule helps me get back into mine.   If you are trying to get back on track here are a few things that I’m doing.  Feel free to steal these simple tips!

  • Lunches get packed for the kids and myself; no more throwing together whatever looks good or heading out to lunch every day.
  • Exercise, which I enjoy, still needs to be fit in the schedule because if I don’t go for a run before the kids are awake, I won’t be able to or want to fit it in later.
  • Grocery lists need to be posted and added to as needed, no more winging it at the store!  Saves me time and money
  • Early to bed makes it easier to rise earlier so I can get more things done!

Good luck with your fall schedule!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

One thought on “Getting Everyone Back on Track!

  1. katie

    Absolutely doing that too keli, I have designed a 3 weekly rotating lunch menu so we don’t get bored.

    I am also meal planning our dinner so I go to the grocery store once a week!


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