Cheers to the Volunteers

The next time you are running a race take a minute to thank a volunteer.  Good events rely on a large volunteer crew; those willing to hand you a cup of water, lead a pace group, hand out space blankets or cut off your timing chip at the end of the race.  These volunteers are Girl Scout Troops,  local school clubs, cheerleaders, or a group of co-workers from a local office.  They take hours out of their Saturday or Sunday to make sure that your race goes off without a hitch.

So next time you run a race, give a big “thank you” to your water stop attendants, to the gal holding the flag directing you down the proper street, to the guy handing you your medal and the one who cuts off your timing chip while you are struggling to stay on your feet at the end of the marathon.  They are the true superstars of the events!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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