5 Great Low Calorie Foods

These 5 items are my top go-to foods that are either low in calories, fat or high in fiber.   Great for on the go meals or as a substitute for a favorite fat-filled food.

1.  Yoplait  Light Thick & Creamy yogurt.  100 calories, creamy and not a too-heavy artificial sweet taste.  Add some frozen blueberries and you have a tasty frozen treat.

2.  NEW Morning Star Farms Grillers Chick’n.  80 calories, 5 grams fiber and a nice chicken-y flavor.  I topped it off with a mix of sweet potatoes, mushrooms and cooked spinach.  Tasty and filling.

3.  Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese wedges.  At only 35 calories and 2 grams fat per wedge, it’s a worthwhile treat.  Great on a turkey sandwich, in an omelet or spread on some whole grain crackers.

4.  Thomas’ Multi-Grain Better Start English Muffins.  At 100 calories and 8 grams of fiber, this is a great substitute for bread or regular muffins.  The trick with these buggers is to toast them really well or else you won’t get the nooks and cranies crispy texture.  Top this with a Laughing Cow wedge (see above) and a scrambled egg and you can’t tell the difference.

5.  Follow Your Heart Ranch dressing.  25 calories per 2 Tablespoons make this a great dressing for those watching their calorie intake.  Keeping in mind that many restaurant salads pack between 600-1000 calories (or more) may make this dressing more appealing.  It has a thinner texture than traditional ranch but the flavor is nice and NOT sweet as with other fat free or low cal dressings.   To jazz it up a bit, add a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar to your salad.

So there you are, my top 5 low cal foods.  You notice I didn’t include dessert.  Well, that is a whole other category to play with.

Until next time….

Keli 🙂


2 thoughts on “5 Great Low Calorie Foods

  1. julie Christy

    Don’t know how low-cal, but a good balanced, high energy snack….apple slices dipped in peanut butter. Protein, carbs, fiber, and good healthy plant fat. sooooo yummy!!!


    1. honsberger4

      Thanks for the snack idea Julie. Here’s a great breakfast idea – 1 or 2 TB of peanut butter on a light english muffin with thinly sliced apples and cinnamon on top. YUM!


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