Why Yes, I Can Add More To My Plate

I’ve added a few new things to my daily to-do list the past few weeks.  I’ve been given an opportunity to become a “Boot Camp Instructor in Training” for Pac West Athletics.

What this means is that I shadow the current coach for 2 full seasons, watching him, following along with the workouts, learning how to count out the reps while doing the exercise.  While it sounds simple, the key is to focus and try to sound like you are not struggling with the exercise. Saying the number “50” when you are sitting at your desk sounds different than saying it when you are on your 50th bicycle crunch “Fi-f-ty” and it comes out a strangled gasp.  I’m working on that.

As my training goes along I will get to lead some exercises and after my training is over and if I’ve done a good enough job, I will get to lead the class alone.  Or I’ll get fired.  Those are the two options.  🙂

With the Boot Camp training, I am also beginning the process of becoming a certified personal trainer.  Having that will help with leading Boot Camp as well as provide a portal for other opportunities if I choose to seek them.  I have the box of books and cd’s for the training at my feet.  I won’ t lie to you, those books are big and there’s a lot of information in there that my brain will have to absorb.  Thankfully I’m a visual learner and there are a lot of pictures!

With my work, kids, family life and the other activities that I have going on, I’m not sure how smart it is to add more to my plate.  But I do tend to be more productive with more on my plate so here goes.

And do me a favor.  If I see you at school or the soccer field,  point to a body part and ask me to name it.  But keep it clean, it’s a family show!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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