Get Wet!

My friend Ilyana has been suffering (and I mean suffering) with foot problems.     A case of plantar fasciatis has morphed into bone spurs and she is forced to alternate wearing a big black boot on her feet.  She’s still in pain and is frustrated that she can’t exercise like she used to.

She has been riding a stationary bike a few days a week and doing some water exercises.  I suggested (as I often do without much provocation or invitation) that she include water running.  Yes.  Water running.

Water running is an activity that mimics the mechanics of running without any of the impact of regular running.  You only need a pool that’s at least 6 feet deep and a flotation belt (you can purchase one at Target, a pool supply store or any sporting goods store).

To do the exercise, put the belt on snugly and get into the deep end of the pool.  You should keep your elbows beneath the water for maximum benefit.  Now start running, using your arms as you normally would.    You will find that you need to take some larger strides to feel the effects of the workout.

Be prepared to bob around the pool a bit and you will move forward, albeit slowly.  Maintain this workout for 45 minutes to get a good cardio workout.

You can also alternate water running with lap swimming.  15 minutes of water running, 15 minutes of lap swimming, etc.  You’ll work your muscles differently but still maintain your cardiovascular fitness.

Now go run (or swim)!


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