“The Finger”

I’m writing today with my middle finger taped and bandaged tight.  It looks like I’m flipping off my computer and anyone else that I’m pointing at or motioning to.  Let me tell you, typing is challenging without the use of the middle finger.  Whiel Brad can peck like a bird with his index fingers, I was trained properly by Ms. Gabriel.  All fingers on the keys and using the all-important pinky to reach the far corners.

Anyway, I digress.  The reason I’m typing like this is an unfortunately stupid slip of the knife that resulted in a deep cut at my knuckle.   I’d love to say it was when I was chopping with Top Chef precision, but the knife simply slipped out of my hand and viola.

Now the reason for the rant is not to cry a river over my injured digit.  It’s more like a reminder that when the Universe speaks, you ought to listen.  I’ve had a few things happen in the span of ten days that are a direct result of my being distracted and unfocused.

I had another minor run-in with a different sharp knife prior to this.  Same hand, only on the index finger.  It was a deep slice that is still not quite healed.  What was I doing at the time?  Thinking about about a thousand other things besides watching the blade of the sharp knife.

A few days later I was leaving the house, late to track workout.  An apple in my mouth, my cell phone to my ear as I backed out of the driveway.   I did look to make sure there were no cars coming or people walking behind, but did not see my neighbors car parked directly opposite my driveway.  That was an expensive and embarrassing lesson.

Then this.  You could call it coincidence and you might be right.  But I think I’m getting some not-so subtle messages that I need to slow down a smidge.

Or at least stop playing with knives.

Now go run (but put the scissors down first!)

Keli 🙂

One thought on ““The Finger”

  1. Tracey Ferree

    Hope your finger is feeling better, ouch! I can relate to the message here about slowing down, thanks for the reminder to listen to the “universe” when talking to us,

    Can’t wait to see you.


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