The Drive to Drive

My 9-year old daughter plays CYO basketball.  Her team was tied for 1st place in their division.  Their opponent Saturday was the team in which they shared 1st place.

This other team (oh, let’s call them St. Hilary’s) is a very good team.   They shoot well, are fast and can hit free throws.  They are also aggressive and work hard to win.

Our team (let’s call them St. Isabella) is also a very good team.  Our girls shoot well, are fast, agressive and play well as a team.

The game started out pretty even.  I’m not going to do a play by play because I’m not a sports writer.  Suffice it to say it was a close game for the first few minutes.  By the middle of the 3rd quarter, however, our girls were down 10 points.  It was 20-10.    (Which, if you’re watching the Warriors play, isn’t a big deal.  However, in our league the high score for a team in most of our games is 12 points  so you can see the problem here.)

The other team became confident.  They still played well but you could see that they were expecting a win.  What they didn’t expect was that our girls didn’t care what the other team expected.

Our team came alive in the face of defeat.  They focused.  They hit free throws.  They rebounded.  They blocked.   They stole.  They had drive with a capital D.   They played as hard as they could.

At the conclusion of the game, no matter what the final score was, they could all be proud that they stepped up their game, came together as a team and played one helluva game.  And really, isn’t that the most important part?

We can all take a lesson from these girls.  When faced with something seemingly impossible.  Lace up your shoes, take a deep breath and just go for it.

Now go run!


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