Group Effort

When I started running, I did so with Team in Training.  In addition to the long runs on the weekends, there were organized runs twice a week.  One was a track workout and the other was a Buddy Run.   A Buddy Run was where one of the group leaders would plan a mid-week run of 4 to 6 miles and we’d all congregate there and run together.

TNT slowly turned me from a solo runner to a group runner, which as Lisa will tell you was no small feat.   During my first season with TNT I didn’t really connect or bond with any people in the group.  I was muddling away on my own and struggling to finish the runs and still be able to walk the next day.

When I did my second round with TNT later that same year, I started off on my own again but gradually warmed up to our group, became more open and joined more of the group runs.  I met Lisa and a few other gals that season and we became friendly and continued to run together after our season ended.  Once I did my third TNT, I had a “bigger is better” attitude and tried to corral as many people to run with us as I could.

There is a lot of bonding that happens when people run or train together.  As you sweat together and log miles, it brings you closer to people.  Lisa and I often joke that when we run together we can solve any multitude of problems presented in the time it takes us to run Blackie’s Pasture!

If you are new to running or want to stretch yourself this year, get a few friends together and plan a run.  You can look into running groups such as PacWest Athletics who are starting their Marin program this month, or even check out the Tamalpa Runners website.  They have organized runs too.

Or you can always give me a shout, I’m free in the mornings!

Now go run!


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