Today’s Your Day

Today I would like to remind you that the next 33 days will be filled with temptation.   You’ll be tempted to eat more and move less.  Christmas shopping, late night cookie baking sessions, office parties, school potlucks and a variety of other holiday activities will crowd your already long to-do list.

When schedules get hectic, the first thing to drop off of is exercise.  After that is healthy eating.  Quickly an “oh well” attitude sets in and you decide you’ll get back on track January 1.  Which realistically turns into January 15 because it takes a while to get into the new year before changes can be made.

I’m going to suggest something radical. Don’t wait until January 1.  Start now.  Here’s how to do it.  Go get your calendar out.  Go now, I’ll wait.

Ok, look at tomorrow’s page and pick a reasonable hour and schedule in a workout for at least 30 minutes.  Go for a run, a walk, a bike ride, whatever.  Write it down.  Now go to Sunday and do the same thing.  Now Monday, and Tuesday and so on.

Be sure to schedule a day or two where you do something other than your run or a trip to the gym.  Plan a trip to the park to run around with your kids or shoot hoops at the school playground.  A ‘hood walk is popular with our family.  We stroll the neighborhood in the late afternoon with the kids on their bikes or scooters.

Every day, do something that takes you closer to being the fit person you want to be.  Set your intention each day and you’ll see that it gets easier.  And by January 1 – you’ll be well on you way.

Run strong and remember to have fun.


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