Random Non-Running Silliness

I have so many running and fitness things rattling around my brain that it’s sometimes hard to get them to gel into an interesting or good read.  So while I ponder and focus, I thought it would be fun to share some tidbits about myself.  You know, random stuff that has no bearing on anything important.

penguinEnjoy the diversion from the norm.  In no particular order.

  1. I like to nap and make no apologies about it.  But when my kids have friends over and I’m napping I wonder if they go home and tell their parents I was asleep.  And then I wonder if their parents think I’m “sleeping something off”.
  2. When I see people running it makes me so excited!!  And it’s all I can do not to roll down the window and yell “Way to go!”
  3.  I have a flat spot on the back of my head from an injury when I was a kid.  It could have been a) falling off the tall slide at the park, or b) hitting my head on the diving board trying to do a back dive or c) getting knocked out by a foul ball at my brother’s little league game.  All I can say is, these head injuries explain a lot.
  4. I swear.  A lot.
  5. I get my best ideas when I go for a run.
  6. I love coffee.  I hate tea.  Like really hate it.  And while I’m on the subject of tea.  Green tea ice cream?  Really?  Blech.
  7. I don’t wish there were more hours in the day but I do wish there were more morning hours.  I’m uber efficient in the morning.
  8. I watch waaaay more tv than anyone else I know.  And I can’t even play it off like I’m watching documentaries.  It’s bad reality tv.  #bravotv
  9. And finally, in answer to questions I get asked almost weekly.  Yes.  I’m going to keep running.  No.  I’m not worried about my knees.

Ok, fun time is over.  Next week we’ll review Week 2 of my training and I’ll have some concrete running and fitness stuff to share.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂



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