Hippity Hoppity, it’s Easter

On this lovely Easter morning I needed to go on a run.  I spent all of Saturday at a volleyball tournament – and when I say all day, I mean it.  We left the house at 6:30am and did not get home until just before 8pm.  What normally happens at these tournaments is the girls play and the parents sit.  And eat the snacks we brought for the girls.  Each time I think I’ll go for an early run or bring my clothes and run or walk during the tournament but I don’t so I really, really, really needed to move my tush today.

I took off from the house for my very late morning run with the intention of just doing 3 miles to get the cobwebs out of my head and sweat a bit.  Besides, I had to burn off some of the jellybeans that made their way into my mouth this morning!

I love trail running but don’t like to be on the trails alone.  There is, however, a great trail that I will run because there’s a ton of people walking, running and lots of dogs.  Safety in numbers and all that.

To get to the trail I have to run a mile and a half on the streets and up a ginormous hill before I get to the good stuff.  Normally, no problemo – but today I was tired and not keen on facing the big hill.  The other option was to drive to the trail-head and run from there.  But this, in my skewed perception is called “cheating” so that option was not really an option.

So out the door I go and then up the hill I go.  I opted not to wear my Garmin because when I am wired up, the Garmin owns my workout and I spend a ridiculous amount of time looking at it.  Today I felt like running for the joy of running so Garmin stayed home.

Even though I haven’t been up the hill in a while I made it to the trail-head without much trouble.  At the trail-head there’s more uphill until you hit the ridge.  Ahhh…bliss!  I slow down on the trail and watch my footing because even though it ‘s a wide fire trail there’s rocks, ruts and some puddles from last night’s rain.

Once I’m on the ridge I feel like I can just keep going.  At the trail-head I turned my music off so I can listen for bears (just kidding), or mountain lions (not kidding).   Besides, I love the stillness on the trails and hearing my own breathing.  It’s very relaxing and soothing to me.

I run to the fork at the end of the main trail and turn left.  It’s such a beautiful morning and I’m having a great run.  I let my mind wander and think about the week ahead, what I need to pick up at the store, what I need to do for work, etc. and then I realize I’ve run to a far enough point without seeing another human being so I turn back.  When I get back to the fork I decide to keep running so I go in the other direction.  Up the hill and through the trees.

I tell myself to run to that next set of trees then I’ll turn around (in my brain calculating that at this point my run will end up at around 4.25 miles).  When I get to the trees I decide to keep going.  I stop at a patch of wildflowers, pick some and stick them in my head band.

At another clearing I stop and take a look at the view.  I see the houses below in my neighborhood (shout out for WHO-ville), a few local schools, baseball fields and some trails cut into the hills above our ‘hood.  Someone runs past me so I decide to keep running.  But not in a competitive or stalking way.

I end up running much farther on the path than I’ve ever gone before.  I run until I come to a part that goes down into some trees and I figure it’s a good time to turn around.  Again, not a lot of people are near me and I’m a big fat baby when it comes to being alone in the wilds of Terra Linda.

I have a nice and easy run back to where the trail-head starts then back to my house.  I figured my run was close to 5 miles but as my 13-year old daughter says, “whatevs”.  I had a great run and it was the start of a great day!

Happy Easter.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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