Happy Spring!

At 4:02am this morning we said “buh-by” to Winter and “Howdy” to Spring!  Not surprisingly, I was awake for this wondrous event and catching up on The Biggest Loser.

Today’s post, however,  is not about who won the finale (Go Danni) but instead it’s about springing forward and making some new goals.  That’s right – it’s 30 Day Challenge time!

Here’s my deal this month.  I am going to get out of the house in the late afternoon or evening and do some kind of activity.  I get my workouts done in the morning and that will stay the same but I find that when late afternoon comes, I peter out.

My thought is that by getting outside I am 1) enjoying the lovely spring evening and 2) stretching my legs and clearing my head after a long day.  I figure even a 10 min neighborhood stroll or a walk around the field during baseball or softball games will be a good thing.  Who knows, it might even motivate some folks to get off the bleachers and move around too.  We, as a nation sit too much and studies show that if we sit too much, our butt spreads.  Yuck!

As always (whether you want it or not) I’ll share my results at the conclusion.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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