Happy New Year!

I have been a member of a gym since 1986.  I also worked in the fitness industry off and on for about 7 years so I’ve seen a lot.  I’ve seen a lot of top-heavy guys with spindly twig legs lifting a huge amount of weight and grunting for the entire gym to hear.  I’ve seen fully made up women on the stairmaster at 7am and I’ve seen the people walking so slow on the treadmill it almost looks like they are standing still.   I have quite a few hilarious and quite scandalous stories from my days working at a very popular, very well known fitness center chain that started here in the Bay Area.

W0rking in a fitness center; we loved January!  Hopeful people came in by droves, spurred by their New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, get in shape, look and feel better.  The gym would be packed from morning until late evening.  Then February would come, and March.  Membership sales would slow and the crowds would thin.

Sound like something you, yourself have experienced?  January brings with it the promise and hope of a new year, a new you.  You are encouraged to start over, start fresh!  Well, this year, let’s try something new.

Starting today.

If you’ve been putting off getting in shape, go to your local fitness center or the YMCA and join now.   If you can’t stand the thought of going to a gym, find a local running, hiking or biking club.  Find an outdoor fitness class (a really good one comes to mind so email me if you want details), drag your Wii Fit out of the back cupboard and get going.

Go grocery shopping today and stock up on fresh veggies, fruits and lean cuts of meat or other proteins.  Sure, have a cookie if you want it as the holiday progresses – I mean, we ARE human, after all.  But don’t wait for January to come until you make your first step in the healthy direction.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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