If not now, when?

Unless you are on a reality weight loss show or at a spa – you cannot put your life on hold until you get in shape, lose weight, quit smoking or live a healthier lifestyle.    There is never a “right” time to make these changes and contrary to what you may have (falsely) convinced yourself, waiting until school is in session a few weeks or until after the holidays is just an excuse.

Your life is going to tickey tickey along whether you like it or not and sooner than you can say “pass the guacamole”, it’s May.  Now wouldn’t it be awesome to be a fitter, leaner, healthier version of you in May instead of where you are now?  Think about it.  Ok, that’s enough, now take that step and make the change.  Now. You’ll thank me in six months!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

One thought on “If not now, when?

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