Mill Valley Man Continues His Quest

Here’s an update on a story I posted earlier.  The Mill Valley fellow who is on a 3 week journey to spotlight childhood obesity by doing Burpees from Petaluma to the Golden Gate Bridge is still going strong.  I got a chance to see Mr. Burpee (as I’ve nicknamed him) live as he squat-thrusted his way into Marinwood.

As I was driving through Marinwood I noticed a man drop to the pavement on his hands,  kicked his legs back and did a push up before popping back up.   Now I may be exaggerating, because to be truthful, there’s not much pep in his step at this point.   The man is on his second week of doing this, 8 hours a day so he’s bound to be a bit tired.   However, he is still at it and that’s cause for some celebrating!   So I did a U-turn to drive past him and as I did, honked the horn gave him a thumbs up and got a nice smile in return.

You go Mr. Burpee!  Bring it home!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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