Tips from The Biggest Loser

I love TV.  But I LOVE Reality TV.   My favorite Reality show right now is The Biggest Loser.  Each week I tune in (or TiVo it) and watch it uninterrupted for the full 2 hours.  Skipping through commercials takes it down to about an hour 45 minutes.    While I can’t say I know what it feels like to weigh 476 pounds or being too large to fit into a carnival, I am able to glean tips and tricks each week that I use in my everyday life.   Here are a few of my favorite tips from the show.

Tip #1

Exercise makes you feel better.  When there’s too much drama in the house or the contestants are upset, mad or sad about a recent elimination the trainers take them to the gym.  There, Jillian beats the bejeezus out of them in the gym or Bob has them do Yoga.  The bottom line, exercising is a better choice than sitting in front of the fridge devouring cold pizza.

Tip #2

You can’t eat what’s not there.  I want to live in The Biggest Loser kitchen.  It’s stocked with healthy, good for you food without a single temptation.  (I think the snacks in the confessional room are props so that doesn’t count).  The lesson here is to surround yourself with fresh, healthy foods.  Ice cream, chips, snack foods are NOT your friends!

Tip #3

Don’t eat out.  The truth is if you eat out often, you will have a very difficult time losing weight.   This season, the contestants had success their week of eating out at restaurants but remember, they are eating together, ordering similar items and working out 6 hours a day.  That kind of support is great and invisible in the “real world”.   Face it, if you want to stay within a calorie limit and are trying to lose weight, stay close to home and limit dining out to once or twice a week at most.

Tip #4

Get support wherever you can find it.  Having friends, coworkers, family members or an online community to turn to while you are trying to lose weight is necessary.  Your size 2 friend who can’t imagine eating an entire banana in one sitting is not a good support person for you.  You need someone who understands the physical and emotional toll dieting takes.

Tip #5

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.  The reason I love Jillian and Bob is that they don’t let the contestants have pity parties.  They are sympathetic to where each contestant has come from and what brought them there but have no qualms about reminding them that they will die unless they get healthy.  Tough love works.

So there are my top 5 tips from The Biggest Loser.  I hope you learned something.  The Biggest Loser airs on NBC every Tuesday night from 8-10pm (pacific time).  Tune in!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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