Take a Hike

Because I’m a runner, I don’t walk much.  I mean I walk from here to there or to the store and back, but I don’t walk as any form of exercise.  If I can go for a walk, I can just as easily go for a run.   I know that sounds smug, but the truth is if I go for a run I go farther, faster, get sweatier and am done sooner.

I have always felt the same way about hiking.   I never understood people who, for example,  hike the Dipsea trail.  I mean, my gosh, it takes like 6 hours to walk it where you can run it (at my slow Dipsea trail pace) in about 2 hours.

I have friends and neighbors who hike the many trails in and around our neighborhood.   They hike with the family and hike with their dogs.   To be truthful, I equated hiking with walking, only on a dirt path and it held no interest for me.

I recently had an opportunity to go along on a hike (it was billed as a hike up and run down).   The two gals who I was going with (we’ll refer to them as Kim and Katie) both knew the trail.   They hike these trails often with dogs or kids in tow so I expected a hike that was strenuous but not particularly hard, because of the kids and dogs, not the lack of fitness on their part.  🙂

Ok, so I was wrong.  This trail went straight up for, I’d say, close to 2 miles.   It started out ok – steep but not unmanageable.  We all hiked upward chatting along the way.    We continued up and up and up to the top.  We had breathtaking views of the Bay and it was so clear we saw the Transamerica Pyramid in SF.

Once we got to the top (or what I thought was the top) Then we came to a flat spot and ran a bit until we came to a pretty steep incline.  This was the hill that Kim liked to run so I ran up it as well to the top of the ridge.  If you could call it running.

I started off ok but then my chest started to burn and I couldn’t get enough air.  I had to stop and catch my breath before I continued.  I was very happy to get to the top of that hill, let me tell you.

The run down was nice and easy.  Some steep downhills and some upsie, downsie hills.  We ended the run coming through a tiny, steep single track down onto Las Gallinas Road, about two houses down from the kids’ school.

I loved the hike up and the run down but I tell you, the only thing I could think of as I sucked wind on the way to the top was that by the end of the school year I was going to run that darn thing from bottom to top.

That’s the runner in me, I suppose.

Now go run!


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