Cookies and Candy and Sweets. Oh My!

If you have struggles like I do this time of year, then you will appreciate and understand today’s post.  My house is a veritable battlefield and the war is me versus Christmas treats.

I have boxes of See’s candy in the cupboard, a completed gingerbread house sitting on my counter, pumpkin bread in the refrigerator, a tupperware container filled with homemade buttercream frosting (leftover from a batch of gingerbread muffins I made for my daughter’s holiday party), various cheese products, bottles of wine as well as a box of candy canes (full-size, thank you very much).

Every time I walk into my kitchen it’s a full frontal assault. I usually keep any snack or treat hidden deep in the cupboard. Out of sight, out of mind. If I don’t see the See’s candy, I will not think about it and therefore, my husband can safely eat it at his leisure without worrying that I’ll eat it or worse, throw it out.

This time of year I don’t have a lot of space in the cupboard so the offending items are readily viewed and available. I have stopped myself quite a few times from reaching over and breaking off a piece of frosting from the gingerbread house. I don’t even like the kind of frosting we used but it’s just there. Mocking me.

After this internal battle waged for a few days I realized that I’d have to change strategy. I decided to only indulge in the things that I really really love. Whether it be a piece of See’s or a few Danish butter cookies (yes, the ones in the blue tin). Eat what I love, enjoy it and move on.

So even though this Christmas Battle might not be won, I keep in mind that ultimately I will win the war. So I trudge along to my boot camp class or go for a run and try and eat ok most of the time. It’s not perfect, but it’s manageable. For now.

But come New Year’s Day – whatever is left in the cupboards will go in the trash. But don’t tell Brad.

Run strong and remember to have fun.


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